I’m a full stack software developer and entrepreneur from India. Born in 1996, I grew up in India and later Kuwait. After graduating high school in 2014, I spent the next few years studying computer science at NIT Surat. I was never really good at “cracking” the Indian education system and spent most of my time in college learning how to code on the internet. I ultimately decided to drop out of college in 2017 to continue self-learning.

I joined Tilt in late 2017 back when we were still called Pedal. Being a part of a small core team, I am what Tilt needs me to be. I also build all of the software at our little company. Building a sustainable business for the long-haul has been a life changing experience and something I want to write about on my blog.

Though constantly changing, my focus right now is on Node.js, GraphQL, React and the JavaScript ecosystem in general.